A New Kind of Doll...A Doll for Us All - Forever We
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A New Kind of Doll…A Doll for Us All

A New Kind of Doll…A Doll for Us All

Isn’t a Forever We doll just for kids who have cancer?

Actually, NO!

When we created Forever We, we actually created it with EVERY child in mind–every child who wants to help, who cares about others, and who wants to make the world a better place to live.

We designed a doll with real heart because we saw that the current toy market exists to feed selfishness and greed, rather than eradicate it.

Have you ever noticed that kids WANT to be helpers? Their playrooms are filled with dress-up clothes, play kitchens, and building blocks. They pretend to be firefighters, doctors, chefs, and teachers. The playroom is where they prepare fantasy feasts for their families and where they oversee classrooms filled with “people” of all shapes and sizes. They impart their knowledge to anyone who will listen, thus inviting us all into the world of make-believe. It’s a world that hints of a bright future, and it is in this spirit of purposeful play that we created ForeverWe. With a ForeverWe doll, children not only get to pretend to care for their little friends, they also get to do it in real life!

That’s why this Christmas we want to partner with parents across the country to take a stand against what-am-I-going-to-get and instead ask the question: What can I GIVE?

We understand that this season is often filled with unimaginable heartbreak. But it is also a season marked by unmatched generosity. No matter where we turn, friends ask us to help fill food banks, purchase gifts for needy families, and participate in random acts of kindness with strangers. These things are GOOD, and they contribute to the magic that fills the air.

But we believe we can do more.

Most people would agree that it feels good to be a part of something lasting, something that will leave a legacy for generations to come. A ForeverWe doll brings joy to kids (healthy or otherwise) and addresses the disgraceful lack of funding for pediatric cancer. Each purchase is an intentional, thoughtful way to engage the next generation in a compassionate conversation about working together to provide solutions to problems that seem insurmountable.

After the packages have been opened, the tree taken down, and all that’s shiny and new put away, wouldn’t it be fun to know that together we provided the lasting gift of hope?

Will you join us? You can purchase a doll for your own child or gift one to a child in need by visiting our shop.

Merry Christmas!