About Us - Forever We
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About Us

To Encourage Generosity Through Purposeful Play

Our Story

Forever We is a purpose driven 501(c)(3) organization that began when a small child simply asked, “How can I help?”  That little girl had a friend with cancer, and the first Forever We huggable companion was born!

Today, we are developing five new inside out dolls that help kids discover what’s inside by revealing the spirit animal within. Each cuddly companion helps affirms a child’s inner strength through bravery, friendship, loyalty, comfort, and wisdom.

We believe that together we can make a difference!

Check out our original Fight Song, Forever We
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Our Mission is to equip young leaders and celebrate friendship

Our Founders

Chantel Adams

Chantel Adams

When my best friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer six years ago, more than anything, I just wanted to help. I sat with her in the hospital, brought food, babysat her other kids, and even cleaned her house. But I wanted to do more. I wondered if I could do more. Years of volunteering in hospice and working with kids as a volunteer club leader gave me the courage I needed to begin Forever We. I knew that if we could just get everybody in a room together and talk about what was going on, together we could figure out how to engage both children and adults alike, and really make a difference! It’s been five years since we gave away our first doll, and we realized that lots of kids face seemingly insurmountable challenges. And what we see on the outside isn’t always what’s going on inside. That’s why we’ve created a brand new line of dolls that help kids discover (and talk about) what’s going on in their lives from the inside out. My favorite part of Forever We is the brave kids who not only receive our dolls, but share them with their friends!
Ginny Starr

Ginny Starr

I’ve always loved creating new things. When Chantel called me with the idea for Forever We, I jumped on board. I wanted to make something that kids with cancer could cuddle and love. Working with the girls to refine the look of the doll was so much fun, and seeing the joy on the face of a child with a Forever We doll, is something that I will forever treasure! Of course, I had no idea how their parents’ stories would affect me. I just want to give everybody a hug.