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A few weeks ago, Forever We founder, Chantel Adams, made a trip to Memphis, TN to deliver over 50 Jewel dolls to St. Jude Hospital to support children with cancer. Thanks to all of the supporters of Forever We girl, Mary Elizabeth, who donated...

As Giving Tuesday (the national day of giving) approaches, we want to thank you for your support. Together, we're sparking critical dialogue and change in our families, schools, and communities. Because of you, we've been able to give away almost 200 dolls, donate more than $30,000 to the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer, and provide families all over the country with a framework for discussing issues that make kids and grownups alike scratch their heads in wonder.

For months, we've been planning our official launch party. We introduced Jewel, a doll and book experience that represents the experience of a child undergoing treatment for pediatric cancer. We partnered with the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research because we believe they are doing...