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Doing Business in the 3rd Dimension

Doing Business in the 3rd Dimension

Have you ever felt like your life was totally one-dimensional?

As a pastor’s wife, I’ve been the victim of this flat way of thinking on more than one occasion. Without ever meeting me in person, many people assume I lead the women’s ministry at my church, home school my children, and make delicious homemade bread on a weekly basis. Let me just put that assumption to rest right now:

I am not that woman.

The truth is the only women I lead at my church are a tiny rag-tag group of sweet friends who are willing to put up with  me on a bi-weekly basis in my home. We do open our Bibles, but I don’t pretend to know more than they do–because I don’t. Out of my four kids, only one of them is home schooled. And I’m not even sure it counts because he attends a fully accredited private middle school two days a week. I just make sure the homework gets done on the three days he’s home. As for bread, my best loaves are of the semi-homemade variety. I have a mean recipe for beer bread. Just three ingredients. It’s hard to mess that up, people. When it’s done, I pour half a stick of melted butter over the whole thing.

Butter covers a multitude of sins.

Despite my shortcomings in many areas, and even after reading what I wrote in the above paragraph, I have never felt like a failure at being a pastor’s wife–because my other dimensions more than make up for what’s lacking there.

I’m not a one-dimensional person, and neither is the company I lead.

A Forever We doll isn’t just a feel-good doll that happens to support kids with cancer.

If you want to learn more about why we’re addressing pediatric cancer, you can read about it here.

Yes, that’s part of what we do, but Forever We also encompasses a large scale dream to bring love and compassion to the forefront of our collective thinking. Our mission is to nurture the opportunity to live together with meaning and purpose. We purposefully devised a broad mission as the driving force behind our company’s cause because we wanted to be able to thrive long-term within a community of people committed to making the world a better place. And we do that by engaging people in areas of need that might be outside both their realm of knowledge and their comfort zone.

This year, that cause is kids cancer. Next year, it might be foster care and adoption. The next–family homelessness. And yes, right now, we’re only selling dolls, but because we believe that children use toys to tell stories and to interpret the world around them, we know we steward a responsibility to create other meaningful products in the future that will allow them–and us–to engage with our neighbors on a larger scale.

The world isn’t flat.

This little sphere continuously rotates through the galaxy, and as it does, the sun shines, the shadows shift, the clouds part, and we zoom in to see life unfolding in all its beauty and tragedy. And then there’s us. We’re right smack dab in the middle of it, not one-dimensional smudges accidentally smeared across a flat circle but living, breathing beings commanded by God (the creator of the universe) to love others and do good works. While we are figuring out what that means for us, we pray Forever We gently facilitates a way for people everywhere to learn to live together with meaning and purpose.

And in the meantime, we long for a day when kids don’t get cancer.

We long for a lot of things we hope will one day come to pass.

All of us are born with a multi-dimensional skill set that allows us insight into problems we are uniquely qualified to address. Like explorers in a foreign land, we can find our purpose by broadening our educational experience and widening our circle of influencers.

If you’re considering partnering with us, please remember every Forever We doll purchase not only brings us one step closer to finding a cure for cancer, but also enables us to bridge the gap between what IS and what COULD be.

Together, we get to decide what SHOULD be.

What’s your wish?

Will you join us?

We are Forever We,