For Profit or For Purpose? - Forever We
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For Profit or For Purpose?

For Profit or For Purpose?

Childhood Cancer Ribbon on top of a Children Tree

When we began Forever We, I knew I didn’t want to describe our organization as a “for-profit” company. Even though that’s technically how we’re registered with the Secretary of State, our primary goal has never been about profits. At our core, we are a philanthropic organization that aims to inspire generational generosity.

That’s why I was so excited to read Adam Braun’s The Promise of a Pencil. Adam’s big dream to transform the world became a reality when he founded Pencils of Promise, the for-purpose organization that brings education to impoverished communities around the world. The book traces his journey from ivy league graduate to consulting firm associate to pioneer entrepreneur. Adam embraced the phrase “for purpose” because he didn’t want to describe PoP in terms of what it was not.

“Our primary driver was not the avoidance of profits, but the abundance of social impact,”  he wrote. Yes! I thought. Yes! Like Pencils of Promise, we don’t want to describe our company in terms of profits. Our dolls and books provide the impetus for action, for doing good. How many for-profit companies do you know that openly ask others to become partners in their mission? We don’t just want you to buy from us; we want you to join us.

Forever We is excited about the launch of our first doll and book. Since we first began talking about the shape of this whole thing, both the doll and the book have undergone many iterations–even a name change! But throughout it all, our mission remains clear: We are here to nurture the opportunity to live together with meaning and purpose (There’s that word again!).

Adam Braun and I share more than just a love of purpose. Both of us also understand that real value comes from investing in the well-being of others. This September, we will recognize Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month by debuting Jewel, our first Doll for a Cause. In our accompanying book, you’ll meet Sam, a spunky treasure hunter who likes jewels and gems and sparkly things. But Sam isn’t a pirate. She’s captain of the Forever We Girls! Sam believes friends stick together no matter what, so when her best friend Dee goes to the hospital with a mysterious illness, Sam searches high and low for something she knows Dee will love. Of course, the real treasure is friendship, and true friends never give in!

You won’t want to miss the Launch Party on September 25th. For an exclusive invitation, subscribe to this blog. We’ll have dinner, music, a silent auction, swag bags, and more. Plus, you’ll get sneak peaks of the book, downloadable coloring pages, and opportunities to purchase Jewel before anyone else. This year,

We can wrap our arms around kids battling cancer and

We can create a conversation about true friendship

We can raise money to fund the research needed to stamp cancer out for good.

Will you join us? We look forward to hearing from you!