Forever We/Rally Foundation Launch Party - Forever We
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Forever We/Rally Foundation Launch Party

Forever We/Rally Foundation Launch Party

For months, we’ve been planning our official launch party. We introduced Jewel, a doll and book experience that represents the experience of a child undergoing treatment for pediatric cancer. We partnered with the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research because we believe they are doing the best job of empowering volunteers to raise money for much needed research. In fact, Rally devotes a jaw-dropping 93% of all funds raised directly to projects working not only for a cure, but for better treatments tailored specifically for children with cancer. Because kids are still growing and their bodies are changing so much, they do not respond to treatment the same way adults do. And in thirty years, only two new treatments have been introduced. Kids don’t vote and kids don’t work so lawmakers often overlook their unique needs. When I first learned all of this, my heart broke. I felt sad, but I didn’t stay there. I knew that Forever We could do something important.

Our business plan is three-fold:

1) We bring comfort to kids experiencing cancer.

2) We model compassion and kindness for healthy children and parents.

3) We give back to organizations that are doing important work in the field.

A year ago today, I wrote in my journal: May I always care more about doing something significant than I do about profitability. I wrote those words with no hint of what was to come.

Profitability and significance are not necessarily opposing values. We partnered with the Rally Foundation so that we could them a gift that would allow them to do something significant. We had to ask a lot of people to give to our cause in order to ensure that our event was a success. Most people did not agree to give right away. They wanted to know how their money was going to be used. They had to be sure that they could trust the recipient. And for those people who had never heard of Forever We (because we were brand new) or Rally (because they didn’t know any kids who had cancer), they needed to be educated, so they could make a decision regarding a donation that aligned with their values as well.

Education can take a long time, but it’s an important step and one that should not be neglected. Any organization that is trustworthy will gladly share its financial statements. The leadership will enthusiastically share their successes, as well as their needs. Rally is committed to being a good steward of the funds entrusted to them.

Ultimately, we all want to do something significant. Some of us have been given great wealth. I am not ashamed to ask you to join me in sharing it. Some of us have been given great capacity for love. I hope we can all find creative ways to give it away. Some of us understand that life is hard. We have a unique opportunity to bring comfort to families in need.

What I’ve discovered is that God answers prayer, and that he uses ALL OF IT to bring both significance and profitability to people with great love.  I’m excited to share that we were able to give almost $30,000 to Rally this year. We pray that it’s a partnership that will only become stronger with time.

Thank you for your commitment to helping us bring new treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer!