Become a Hospital Ambassador - Forever We
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Become a Hospital Ambassador

Help other kids with cancer

We do all the work, you get to be the hero!

Our first hospital ambassador was a little girl named Mary Elizabeth Paris. Friends were always asking her how they could help. They wanted to do something nice for Mary Elizabeth. One day, Mary Elizabeth had a great idea. She wanted to deliver Forever We dolls to the kids at Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta and St. Jude in Memphis!

Mary Elizabeth and her family personally delivered more than 100 dolls to friends at those two hospitals and even an elementary school.  She modeled our motto: “Connecting kids with cancer with kids who care.”

Here’s what we’ll do: Just like we did for Mary Elizabeth, we’ll create a page on our website that’s just for you. For every $40 your friends or others donate to Forever We on your behalf, we’ll send dolls to you. Each box will include a card stating that the doll is a gift from YOU, plus we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization trying to cure childhood cancer! All you have to do is give the doll to a child you know or even to the cancer center at your hospital. What a meaningful way to do something kind during your treatment!

Thanks for joining the Forever We family. May our legacy be our friendship.

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