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Have a Heart This Valentine’s Day

Have a Heart This Valentine’s Day

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had a great idea to send out a postcard around Valentine’s Day with these words: “This Valentine’s Day, open your heart and make room for one more! The Adams Family is expecting their second child on August 31, 2001.” In my mind, I thought it was the most creative pregnancy announcement ever. But sometimes the things we think are going to be received the best turn out to be the biggest flops. My parents were upset that I didn’t tell them about the pregnancy before I sent cards to 25 of my closest friends. They wanted to be the first to know. And deservedly so!

So while my method may not have been the smartest, my motive was pure. We want to share the things we love with the people we love most. But finding that perfect little something that speaks to your soul and communicates your love is harder than you think. Pinterest boards filled with all kinds of ideas for creative gift giving tempt me. Ads for flowers and candy dominate my Facebook feed. And even Etsy has begun curating lists for me of the things it thinks I might like to purchase for others. I’m overwhelmed by choices and under a tight deadline of February 14th.

The kindest day of the year should be just that–kind. It’s not a day for getting, but rather one for giving. After all, the happiest people in the world are those that do the most for others. It’s counter-intuitive because the rest of the year we lean into the message that we’ve got to take care of us. But what if the best thing you could do for yourself was to leverage your gifts for the benefit of someone else?

This Valentine’s Day, we’d love for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us by doing something small for someone else. Think outside the box. Candy and flowers are nice, but special people deserve special gifts.

If you have a Forever We doll, we’d love to partner with you to figure out how you can use the doll to make a child in a hospital feel special this Valentine’s Day. While it’s difficult to get hospitals to allow access to patients, you CAN use your social media to connect with kids in care. See if you can gift a doll to a child who needs a hug. Use the book to share Sam & Dee’s Greatest Adventure with your child’s class at school. We have had some of the best conversations about friendship when we have been able to share the book in person! Purchase some of our heart beads to give away. Attach an encouraging note and surprise strangers with something that will remind them that people actually do care.

We started Forever We last year and debuted our first doll this past September. We released the doll in conjunction with Childhood Cancer Awareness month because we saw a real opportunity to provide something meaningful to kids going through cancer. But what most people don’t know is that a Forever We doll isn’t just for kids with cancer. We want kids to play nice. Helping children engage with their toys for the greater good gives them opportunities to practice compassion and kindness in real life. When kids get to be part of the solution, they learn how to open their heart and…you guessed it…make room for one more. In effect, it’s a Valentine’s Day gift that touches hearts year-round.

That’s why we’re Forever We. Thank you for joining us. And Happy Valentine’s Day!