How Starting a Business is a lot Like Riding Disney's Tower of Terror - Forever We
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How Starting a Business is a lot Like Riding Disney’s Tower of Terror

How Starting a Business is a lot Like Riding Disney’s Tower of Terror

Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror

Our family spent last week visiting Disney theme parks. I wanted to be “fun mom,” so I rode everything my kids asked me to ride–at least once. On our second day there, we went to Hollywood Studios, and our second ride of the day was Tower of Terror. For those of you who have never ridden the Tower of Terror, it’s basically an imposing structure, with large windows that open every few seconds to reveal screaming guests plummeting to terrifying depths on a makeshift service elevator only to rise back up again
and fall,

Beginning Forever We has felt a little bit like riding the Tower of Terror. We began Forever We with a few unexpected surprises, nothing too scary, and certainly nothing that made us want to stop the ride. Ginny and I were creating something brand new, and everyday felt like an adventure. But talking about creating something brand new and actually creating something brand new are two totally different things. Sourcing the materials, navigating confusing legalese, and forging partnerships with potential vendors all proved challenging, if not altogether terrifying. We tried (mostly successfully) to persuade other people to join us on the ride. Some of them did.  They jumped in the car with us, and we careened down dark corridors. Together, we navigated this new terrain as best we could. Each new solution, however, often unveiled another unforeseen, brand new problem. None of us knew exactly where our rail car was headed, but man–we were together–and this was a THRILL ride–no weak hearts allowed. Wind in our hair, we went for it! Not because we love terror, but because we love the thrill of adventure.

This week, we officially introduced our first Doll for a Cause. It was scary. And even though we have everything in place, we don’t know if our doll is going to be well received. We don’t know if anyone will want it. And as hard as we’ve worked to get to the top of the tower, we are holding our breath: Will we fall?

I didn’t ride the Tower of Terror by myself. And Forever We isn’t a company  simply because I wished it into being. It’s a company because of the people who weren’t afraid to go up into the tower with me. People who’ve ridden that car before, and who said to me, “Don’t worry. No matter what happens you’re not going to die.” Thank God. I cannot say I haven’t felt like it more than once. These people have carried us when we felt like we were falling.

To all of you who believed in Forever We from the beginning, Thank You.

To those of you who invested your time and money  into seeing it through to launch, Thank You.

To those of you who have told your friends and family about our mission to cultivate meaning and purpose in our communities, Thank You.

To those of you invested in the future of a company that cares more about people than it does profits, Thank You.

To those of you who are not afraid to jump in the car with us, Thank You.

Children with cancer have received these dolls, and I can honestly say that they love them. More importantly, kids without cancer have received these dolls, and they want to share a growing compassion with the people they know. Kindness is thriving in this community.

As my kids would say, “Let’s do it again!”

If you love what we do and believe in our mission, please share this page with your friends. We begin shipping dolls this week. Every doll purchased allows us to gift one to a child in need.

Thank you for your continued support.