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The 2015-16 forever we Ambassadors are ready to rock the world! We chose these girls simply because they embody our mission–to inspire compassion through everyday opportunities to celebrate compassion. You’ll be seeing a lot more of  these spunky girls in the coming months. They’ll be in the community putting the forever we mission into action. In the spirit of camaraderie and friendship, we kindly invite you to join us whenever possible. See you soon!

Cari Jill, Age 7

Cari Jill

Cari Jill is a second grader from Canton, Georgia. She loves to cheer people up by making them laugh. When asked why kids are awesome, she answered, “Because they ask a lot of questions!” She enjoys dancing and drawing, and this year, she also wants to learn how to sew.

Meet Cari Jill!

Madeline, Age 9


Madeline’s favorite color is purple and her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. She thinks the greatest thing ever invented is her own birthday party. And also, she wants you to know that she has a dog.

Meet Madeline!

Madyson, Age 9


Madyson describes herself as special, creative, and friendly. If she had a million dollars, she’d donate half to cancer research and half to her church. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor. We think she can do it!

Meet Madyson!

Leah, Age 10


Leah’s favorite color is turquoise. She loves to act and sing, but if she had a million dollars her dream is to help orphans around the world. She thinks kids are awesome because they have such great imaginations!

Meet Leah!

Emma, Age 10


Emma believes that love is happiness from God. She’s an active girl who enjoys basketball and running. If you run into her, she’ll probably tell you about her relationship with Jesus, but not before she’s invited you over for tacos and pizza (which, by the way, are the tastiest foods in the entire world.)

Meet Emma!

Elle, Age 10


Elle says she’s proud to be a part of forever we this year. She’s an active girl who plays lacrosse and basketball and enjoys traveling with her family. When she grows up, Elle wants to be a Spanish speaking physical therapist. If she could meet anyone in person this year, she’d pick Luke Bryan!

Meet Elle!

Lydia, Age 10


Lydia is President of her school’s Beta Club. She loves being silly. In fact, she might come up to you, tell you she has something important to say, then belt out the “Veggie Tales” theme song. Yes, it’s true! Oh, and her two favorite foods are black olives and peppermint bark (but I don’t think she eats them together).

Meet Lydia!

Riley, Age 10


Riley is a gymnast who wants to grow up to be a Disney princess. Three words that describe her are: gymnast, gymnast, and gymnast. An interesting fact about her is that she is good at gymnastics. When she’s not having a tickle fight with her dad or playing with her dog, you can find her practicing her gymnastics. Did I mention that Riley likes gymnastics?

Meet Riley!

Brooke, Age 10


Brooke is proud of two things: Her amazing family and her awesome friends. She rides a horse named Keebler and plays the violin. We’re glad she’s a part of Forever We because she likes to INVENT new things. Way to go, Brooke!

Meet Brooke!

Summer, Age 10


Summer is a left-handed, volleyball-playing, theatre-loving girl. Pizza rocks her socks off, but sushi is a close second. Lots of people these days are into tiny houses, but Summer would rather buy an upside-down house! How fun is that?

Meet Summer!

Madeline, Age 9


Madeline is creative and funny. When she grows up, she wants to work at Disney World. She couldn’t live without a phone, but I bet you won’t find one glued to her ear. Madeline spends most of her time playing outside, flipping and doing cartwheels. That’s what being a kid is all about!

Meet Madeline!

We couldn’t be more excited about what the future has in store for us. One of our favorite quotes is, “Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love.” (Author Unknown)

Will you join us?