News Flash! The First Forever We Dolls Are Ready for Pre-Order! - Forever We
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News Flash! The First Forever We Dolls Are Ready for Pre-Order!

News Flash! The First Forever We Dolls Are Ready for Pre-Order!



We are excited to announce the first Forever We dolls are ready for pre-order. This project has been in the works since last October, if you can believe it, and everyday brings new and exciting news to share.

We delivered our very first dolls to two little girls at Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. Here’s what they said about Jewel:

Esme says she feels that “Jewel is special just like I am!” She has already taken her home and put on her “home clothes” and a headband! Esme’s mom loves that Jewel is still rocking her bald head! She says, “I think that cancer is so hard for children in so many ways besides just the obvious ones. It is hard for them to look and feel different. And Jewel having a port and the ability to have hair or not, depending on where you are in your journey, is a very supportive and reassuring thing to these kids.”

Mary Elizabeth says  “I love her! I love that she is soft and that she has a port like me. I love that she has remove able hair so she looks like me. She is comfortable to sleep and snuggle with. I squeeze her when I am nervous or having anxiety about a procedure and I feel better”. ME’s mom thinks Jewel will make lots of other little girls feel better also. “She is beautifully made and ME has taken her with her everywhere she has gone since we have gotten her.”

If you know a child who has cancer, please let us know. Sharing their story with us will allow us to gift one of our very first Forever We dolls to the child you nominate.

This week, we also launched our Adopt-a-Hospital program. By adopting a hospital, you get the chance to share Jewel with a whole bunch of kids! In return, you’ll receive lots of cool Forever We stuff and updates throughout the year from “your kids.” We already have a sponsor for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. With more than 200 children’s hospitals nationwide, there’s sure to be one waiting for you and your organization to adopt.

We all know how courageous these kids are. They don’t call them warriors for nothing! And I’ve never read a Caring Bridge story or blog that didn’t include words like “battle” and “strength.”  Since we are Forever We, we don’t want our relationship to end when we gift a doll. That’s why we’ll continue to honor these amazing kids on our website and through our dolls and books. Each doll is hand-crafted with one of these children in mind. Of course, we can’t do that without your help! Send us the first name, age, diagnosis, and home state, and we’ll add a certificate to be mailed with each doll we create. Additionally, we’ll scroll these names on our website, so we can remember we belong to each other, and we’re in this together!

Our official launch party will be held on September 25th. We’d love to have you join us in person or by becoming a sponsor. All gifts are tax deductible and benefit the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership!

We hope you’ll support Forever We. We’re more than just another toy company. We didn’t set out to create a doll. We designed Forever We to inspire conversations and new relationships. Forever We will one day be a mechanism by which more people around the world will be compelled to help find a cure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the solution. Buy a doll today! Every purchase allows us to gift one to a child in need.

And from the bottom of our heart, WE THANK YOU!