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The Year of Questions

The Year of Questions

52 Questions: A Year-Long Introspective Journey

How do you feel about questions? (Now, that’s a loaded question if I ever heard one!)

There’s easy ones like,  “What’s for dinner?” (Wait, that’s a hard one in my house)

And then there’s actual hard ones like, “Why do I have to learn math?” (I could probably list a 100 reasons why that one is important!)

The reality is that the answers we seek are rarely easy and almost never obvious.

As I sat down at my desk to dream and plan the upcoming year, I realized that I have a lot of questions. I wrote down exactly 52 of them, and over the course of the year I will spend one week on each question and blog about it here.  At the end of our year together, I hope we will have learned some new things about ourselves and each other. The last time I spent a full year on one thing was the year I read through the Bible. And I think that actually took me two years!

Your accountability is important, so allow me to introduce our first question:

 “What do you want to be most thankful for one year from now?”

A deceptively easy question.

I’m already thankful for so many things—warm family and a warm house and food on the table. I’m not taking those things for granted. I’m always thankful for the house and the food and the family.

The One-Word Resolution

Every year I choose a word rather than a resolution. This year’s word is ENTHUSIASM, which literally means “to be filled with the spirit of God.” On New Year’s Eve 2019, I want to be so filled with the spirit of God that when I look back on the previous twelve months, I’ll have no doubt that I loved my neighbor well. I’m all in! (I already have some stories from this week!)

I’d love to hear what you want to be most thankful for.

Begging the Question,