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Win, Lose, Or…?

Win, Lose, Or…?

Forever We has been selling and giving dolls since the end of September. It’s been almost seven months, and already three of our little girls have received their angel wings–great days for them, sad ones for us.

I read a couple of news articles that were posted about the girls:

There’s something that’s been on my mind lately. It’s this phrase “battle with cancer.” I get it. These kids are fighters, and when we say they are fighting a battle, it’s true. There’s a war wreaking havoc in their bodies, but what I hate is when the outcome isn’t so good, and we say that someone “LOST their battle.” I don’t want to be a sore loser, but there’s two issues here:

1) When it comes to cancer, there are no winners. And if there are no winners, then there can be no losers.
2) And also I just don’t think you can ever truly battle cancer because cancer doesn’t play fair.

In war, the strongest, most prepared team usually wins. But it’s impossible to be prepared for cancer. Cancer doesn’t play favorites. It’s random and cruel. The strongest people I know are the ones who have endured cancer. Humans have an incredible capacity for suffering and an even greater will to survive. Unlike other animals, humans also have a heart that knows how to empathize. It’s an ugly kind of beautiful. And so I propose a new phrase:

“She endured.”

The race to cure cancer or any of the world’s ills will not necessarily go to the swiftest, smartest, or strongest, but to the one that is willing to endure.

Will you join us?

(The picture above is of Harper Wehneman, just before her second stem cell transplant.)